Custom Order for Full Body, Ultra-Soft Reborn Dolls
The reborn dolls on this page, have all been previously adopted, and the
photos are here to show what your baby can potentially look like. They are all
dolls that I have reborn myself, and show my actual work.

These are full-bodied, soft "squishy" ultra-soft vinyl reborn dolls.

These babies can be made with your choice of gender, hair color, hairstyle,
and eye color, if your chosen sculpt has open eyes.
$699.00 plus shipping
$699.00 plus shipping
$699.00 plus shipping
$649.00 plus shipping
These babies are full vinyl, and are filled with polyfil, and feel very soft and squishy. Here are some additional
photos, showing the various sculpts.
Click on photos to see more pics
Layaway Information:

Deposit of $300.00 is required on dolls priced $600.00 and under.
50% deposit is required for dolls priced over $600.00.

Deposits are non-refundable if you decide to cancel your order.

Before ordering, email me at to make sure the
baby you want to custom order is available.

Deposit is based on total price after any additional options and upgrades are
Forms of payment accepted in the US are: Paypal, Velle, USPS Postal money order,
Western Union Money in Minutes, Money Gram, and soon Venmo.
Personal or E-checks not accepted. No bank transfers accepted.

Forms of payment for international orders: Paypal and Western Union Money in Minutes

Note to International Orders: Delivery time is not guaranteed. Sometimes packages may get held
up by the customs office, and I have no control over how long they take to release them. I will not
be responsible if your baby gets held up in customs. I also am not responsible for any custom duty
fees or taxes that your country may charge. I have no way of knowing these type of charges. You
should be aware of, or find out these charges before buying. I will not refund or accept any
packages sent back to me because of refusal to pay custom charges.

As these babies are custom made, all sales are final, and no refunds will be accepted.
Deposits are non-refundable if you decide to cancel your order before it is completed.

**If for some reason the paypal form leaves off the shipping, I will need to invoice separately for
shipping. If there are any questions about shipping charges, please email me at
Payment Information
Forms of payment accepted in the US

Postal Money Order
Western Union or Money Gram(no bank

Payment methods accepted outside of the US

Western Union or Money Gram (no bank
All custom reborn babies come home with the following items

One cute and casual outfit of my choosing
Two diapers
One pair of baby socks
Headband if baby is a girl
Magnetic pacifier (only if requested)
Magnetic hair bow if baby is a girl (only if requested)
Receiving blanket
Birth certificate

Baby will have tissue paper around head to protect hair and face, wrapped in baby
blanket, then surrounded by bubble wrap, and tissue paper in box.

I try to keep the costs down for my high quality babies, but not including a lot of extra items. I believe it is
more important to receive a high quality baby, than a lower quality doll with several items. Extra outfits or
items can be purchased at additional cost, and added to your package.


Now offering bald life-like reborn babies. Baby will be completely painted,
weighted, and put together. The only difference is they will
come with no hair. (not rooted, and no painted hair)

Bald babies up to 20 in.            $525.00

Bald babies 21 in to 23 in.       $599.00

Please note: Please ask if your chosen bald baby is available before ordering.

If you plan on having the doll rooted by you or someone else, and reselling
later, you must give me credit for the painting in your listing, and state that I did
not do the hair.

Open eyed babies come with Eyeco eyes
Glass eye upgrade available for additional $35.00
Add extras
The following items available at additional cost:

Deluxe Box Opening Package        $100.00
(will include: 3 outfits, deluxe plush blanket, plush toy, brush and comb set,
booties, and extra diapers-all items will be wrapped in
tissue paper and tied with ribbon)

Extra magnetic pacifier $8.00
Extra magnetic hairbow $6.00
Smocked dress or bubble suit: $35.00
Deluxe plush or fleece blanket: $18.00
Plush animal $13.00
Baby bottle with fake milk $20.00
*No specific brands or styles for items above
Send your kit to me, and I can completely reborn it for you.

Price depends on kit, size, head size, vinyl color, and options chosen.
Email me at for price quote on your kit.
Unless otherwise stated, completion times for all dolls are estimated and may not be exact. Because I may have other orders ahead of you, work might not begin on your baby
right away. The average waiting period from time of payment until completion is usually about 4-6 months. If you need your doll by a certain date, you should order at least 6
months in advance of this date. So please allow up to 6 months for completion.
Time frame is only an estimation, and actual time frame depends on how many orders are ahead of you, availability of the chosen sculpt and materials,
and the amount of work that goes into your doll, I cannot hold places or dates.

Payment plan is available on regular priced dolls only, unless you have a prior agreement. Full payment up front is required on most sale prices.
If you desire a layaway, a deposit is required before work can begin on your order. For dolls $600.00 and up 50% is required.
For dolls under $600.00, a minimum deposit of $300.00 is required. A longer payment plan is available for up to 18 months, and you must give an estimated date when you will
be making your last payment.  Your doll cannot be completed any sooner than this agreed upon estimated date.

As I am usually very busy working on multiple orders,several photos are sent only after the baby has been completed, right before shipping.

As delays can sometimes happen, if you wish to receive your doll by a certain date, you should order at least 6 months in advance of that date.
If your doll is not completed within 1 month of the estimated or agreed upon completion date, I will offer a $100.00 discount off of
any future doll purchase at regular price. **
Cannot be exchanged for cash, or refunded on current order.

Return and Cancellation Policy: As these dolls are custom made according to the choices of the buyer, custom orders cannot be cancelled once order is placed. All custom made
reborn baby dolls made by Bushel and a Peck Nursery are non-refundable and this includes deposits as well.

Reborn dolls are not usually recommended for young children and not meant to be used for play. Therefore, I cannot be responsible for damages due to excessive play, improper
care, or mishandling. Reborn dolls are hand-crafted, and it is the owners responsibility for them to be handled in the correct manner. If properly cared for, reborn dolls can last
for many years.

All of the dolls shown on my website were made by me. I never use another artist's photos, all of the photos show my actual work, and are a good example as to what you can
expect from your own precious baby.

Please note that I can not imitate or try to copy another artist's style of painting or rooting.
While I can make a baby to have a similar look that you are wanting, I cannot make an exact replica of another artist's doll.
I can make a baby to look like a previous one I have made myself, but I can't promise a 100% replica, as they are all individually
custom painted and rooted.

If you are not sure which sculpt you would like reborn, I can provide links to various websites that sell doll kits so that you can choose which sculpt you may be interested in.

I am not on my computer at all times, as I am usually working on dolls. I will try to answer all emails within 48 hours during the work week.

My babies are created in a 100% smoke-free home and nursery,

For anyone who may have allergies or sensitivity issues to certain scents, I use the following materials when creating my dolls:

All new vinyl kits
Polyfil Fiber stuffing
Fine round weighting beads
Premium Highest Quality Mohair
Genesis paint and odorless thinner
Spray Conditioner
E6000 glue (for gluing magnets)
Mod Podge or Gem-tack glue (for sealing hair)
*Heated rice sock used for softening the head while rooting (on harder vinyl heads)
Baby powder scented Wonder Wafers (only when requested)

All materials, clothing, and shipping supplies used are always purchased brand new.

heated rice socks can sometimes leave a light scent that smells a little like popcorn, which eventually fades

If you purchase a custom baby from this website, you are confirming that you have read through and are in agreement with these Terms and Conditions.
All photos, graphics, and text are property of Bushel and a Peck Reborn Nursery and may not be used
without my permission.

I'm sorry, but I do not allow any of my photos, even prototype photos, to be used by other reborn artists
to advertise, draw attention to, or sell their custom work, no matter where you download them from. My
prototype photos are only to be used by the doll kit supply sites, and myself.  They are not considered
stock photos that can be used by everyone. I have always used my own photos to sell and advertise my
custom work, and hope that others will do the same.
Additional Options