Prices of reborn dolls:

A lot of people who are new to reborn dolls, are shocked at how much they cost. They want to know why a doll
would cost so much. So I thought I would address that question here.

First of all, reborn dolls are not a manufactured or factory produced doll. They are created by reborn artists,
who paint the kits, root each hair individually into the head, and put them together. I have put together a kind
of list, so that people will better understand the prices of reborn dolls.

  • Doll kit: Reborns start out as a blank vinyl doll kit, that comes with a head, arms, and legs. These are
    bald kits, that have not been painted, or put together. There are many kits available these days, and the
    prices vary. They usually cost anywhere from $39.00- $120.00 (sometimes more for toddler and child

  • Hair: Babies are usually rooted with angora mohair. The best mohair can be expensive, as cheap mohair
    often looks dry, frizzy, or brittle. The hair is very important to the looks of the reborn doll. Good mohair
    usually costs $50.00- $125.00 for one ounce.

  • Eyes: Eyeco eyes are around $10.00, and a lot of reborn collectors want glass eyes. Glass eyes usually
    cost $28.00- $35.00 a pair.

  • Eyelashes: $2.00-$5.00 a pair

  • Weighting: Most artists use glass beads for weighting, which are expensive. Unless its can be found in
    bulk, which is not always possible, it costs about $5.00-$7.00 per pound.

  • Polyfil Stuffing: $4.00-$5.00 a bag for supreme polyfil

  • Cloth Body: Most kits do not come with the bodies. $18.00-$22.00

  • Clothing: $15.00-$20.00 for a casual outfit, $35.00 and up for dressy clothing.

Total price for a kit and supplies is usually anywhere from $235.00-$400.00 depending on the kit used.

When you consider the cost of the kit, supplies, and the work that goes into it, you can see the price doesn't
sound ridiculous at all. Since I use only the highest quality supplies for my babies, my total cost is usually
$250.00- $300.00 or so, depending on the kit, and supplies used. For example, human hair can be very
expensive. (I rarely use it, but sometimes it is requested for toddler or child size dolls.)

Then there are other things to consider: Wire ties for putting limbs on the bodies, nylon for containing the
weighting beads, the use of very expensive Genesis paint, cosmetic wedges, paint thinner, glue, magnets,
rooting needles, boxes, packing material, etc.. These things have to be replenished occasionally, and some
quite often.

That is just what it costs for the supplies needed to make the doll. This doesn't include the many hours over
several days, and weeks of work that actually go into making the baby. So of course, most artists are not going
to sell their babies for just the cost of the supplies. They need to be paid for their time. No one would expect a
painter to sell a painting just for the cost of the canvas and the paint used for it. The same reasoning applies to
reborn dolls.

There are some cheap dolls out there available, but a lot of the time, as the old saying goes, "you get what you
pay for".  The hair may not be the best quality, or the the painting may be messy, or almost non-existant. I'm
not saying this is the case all of the time, because some very talented artists may be forced to sell their beautiful
creations at a low price at times. So because of this it is still possible to find a good reborn at affordable price
But with so many new people finding out about reborn dolls, there are those who notice how much some of
these dolls are selling for, and they want a part of it. So they may quickly throw together a low quality doll, and
sell at a much lower price. This is actually hurting the reborn market, as new collectors may purchase one of
these low-quality reborns, and be disappointed once it arrives. They may then think this is the standard of all
reborn dolls, and may never purchase one ever again.

I hope this may help those who have had trouble understanding the prices. :)
I use all the highest quality of materials in creating all my reborn dolls.

Painting: My babies are all painted using Genesis heat set paints, over many hours over several weeks.
No detail is overlooked. My babies have painted creases, nail beds and tips, naturally colored lips,
realistically painted eyebrows, skin mottling, skin depth, blushing, and sometimes painted lower lashes.
They are painted in several layers to achieve the most realistic looking reborn possible.

Weighting: All of my babies are weighted with tiny round glass beads, and premium polyfl stuffing. The
limbs are weighted with beads, and topped off with polyfil. The bodies are also weighted with glass
beads contained in a 4 layer nylon bag. They are weighted for even weight distribution.
Note: I have NEVER used sand in any of my dolls, and never will. A video was put out saying that
someone got a doll from me that contained sand. The doll in questions was NOT my doll.

Bodies: I only use top quality soft cloth bodies. Either German soft white flannel bodies, or durable flesh
colored bodies. Most bodies are jointed, unless requested otherwise.

Hair: I am very picky about the hair I use, as it has to be the best. I only use soft, silky, non-frizzy hair on
my babies. Most of the time I use mohair by Susan Nagel. I have tried many different kinds over the
years, and it is my opinion that hers is the best. For sparse hair I use a 43 g German needle, and for
thicker haired babies I use a 42 g german needle. Sometimes I will use human hair for my toddlers, and
use only the best I can find.

Eyes: When standard eyes are used, I usually use polymer eyes by Eyeco, or Bountiful Baby. The
glass eyes I use are the German eyes by Lauscha.
Since I am getting a lot of questions lately from people who are new to the world of reborn dolls, I wanted to list some
basic facts and information about reborn dolls.

  • Reborn dolls and silicone dolls are two different types of dolls. I make reborn dolls.

  • Reborn dolls are made from vinyl doll kits, some are soft, some are firm, and some are ultra-soft. The kits are
    then painted by hand in many layers, to be made to look like a real baby. They are then rooted by hand with a
    tiny needle, usually with mohair, to look like real baby hair. After the painting and hair rooting is done, they are
    assembled by putting their parts together, usually on a cloth body. It sounds much easier and simpler than it is,
    believe me. :)

  • The ultra-soft kits are sometimes referred to as "silicone-vinyl" or "silicone-like" because they are "squishy"
    and pliable, somewhat similar to a silicone doll. But they are not true silicone dolls. Real silicone dolls can cost
    thousands of dollars for the really good ones.

  • All reborn kits, even the ultra-soft ones have hollow parts, and have to be stuffed and weighted. This means
    you can not put them down in water. The stuffing and weighting material would get water logged inside, and
    have no where to go. This would very quickly cause mold and ruin the doll.

  • You can't change the features on a certain kit. In other words, if the eyes are closed, they can not open. If they
    are open, they can not close. Closed hands can't open, and open hands can't close. Each "sculpt" or kit, comes
    with it's own specific set of limbs.

  • Reborn dolls are not able to actually drink a bottle, or make a wet or dirty diaper, it is not possible. There are a
    lot of youtube videos showing people feeding their babies, or changing their diapers, but most of the time, it is
    just for fun, or role-playing. Or for another term, it is fun make-believe. Some of the videos are lots of fun to
    watch, and it looks real, but it just isn't possible. **(I believe there are a couple of silicone artists who have put
    wet and drink systems into their dolls, but it is not possible with reborn dolls).

  • Most reborn dolls can not fit a whole pacifier nipple, or bottle nipple in their mouths. A lot of reborn kits are
    sculpted to have closed mouths, and even the ones with slightly open mouths, are not sculpted deep enough to
    fit a whole nipple in. Most of the time a magnetic pacifier is made for a reborn doll. This means the nipple is cut
    off of the pacifer, then a magnet is glued to it. Then another magnet is glued inside of the doll head, where the
    mouth is. This makes the magnet attract to the front of the face, to make it look and seem as if the baby is
    sucking the pacifier.

  • Some reborn doll owners may sometimes cut open the mouths on their dolls to put in a paci or bottle, but it is
    not recommended, as the vinyl could tear and split across the cheeks later on, thus ruining the doll.

  • The majority of reborn doll kits have a cloth doll body. There are some full-bodied kits available as well, but not
    near as many as there are that have cloth bodies. Frontal tummy plates are available for cloth bodied dolls. By
    frontal, this means they have a front body, and no back. There are a few kits that have a full torso, that the
    cloth body goes down into, and so the cloth body is covered by a whole torso, front and back, and all the way
    around. Most kits don't have this option, but there are a few like this.

  • Reborn doll kits have various length of limbs. Some have full arms and full legs. Some may have 3/4 arms and
    full legs. Some may have 3/4 arms, and 3/4 legs, it just depends on that particular kit. When someone requests
    limbs from one doll, to go with the head of another, they have to be around the same size, and there is an
    additonal charge, because an additional kit has to be purchased to do this.

  • It is not possible to put the head of a doll meant for a cloth body, onto the body of a ball-jointed, full bodied torso
    and limbs. The connector parts are made differently, so in most cases this is not possible.

I do want to mention that I only make reborn vinyl dolls, I don't made the solid, full bodied true 100% silicone dolls  
Why do reborn dolls cost so much?
Q. Are your reborn babies full silicone?
A. No, reborn dolls are made from vinyl doll kits, and then painted and rooted with hair to look like a real baby. Reborn dolls ad silicone
dolls are two different types of dolls.

Q. Can you make Noah, or Sabrina (or other reborn kit) in silicone?
A. No, reborn kits are produced in vinyl, and I can't change the material that the kit is made from. I don't make the kits, I only reborn

Q. Can my baby have a pacifier or bottle inserted into it's mouth?
A. No, most reborn kit's mouths are not sculpted deep enough to take a pacifier, and a lot of them have closed mouths. There are only a
couple of reborn kits that I know of, that are able to do this. For example, Twin A by Bonnie Brown, and sold out Penny by Natalie

Q. Can I choose the limbs from one kit, and a head from a different kit?
A. Not usually. Most reborn kits are sold with the limbs that were meant for them. It can be done however for an additional charge, of
whatever the second kit or limbs cost.

Q.  Can I have a doll that wets, poops, drinks, coos, and breathes? I saw a video on youtube where the baby was almost real, and could
do all of these things.
A. Reborn dolls aren't able to do any of these things. A lot of people make simulation videos of their dolls, but it is only make-believe.
Some silicone dolls have drink and wet systems inside of them, but that is not possible with a reborn doll. Silicone dolls and reborn
dolls are two different types of dolls. Some reborn artists have also been able to find breathing mechanisms, possibly from some of    
the Ashton Drake dolls, and put them inside a reborn doll body. But they don't sell these mechanisms on any of the reborn supply
sites that I know of.

Q. Will the paint rub off of my doll?
A.  No, not with normal care. If the baby is played with excessively,  bathed a lot, or handled roughly, it is possible that there could be
some paint loss over time. Also, paint loss could occur if you are applying real baby lotion, baby oil, or substances other than plain
water on your baby on a regular basis. Baby powder will not damage the doll.

Q. Will my baby's hair shed or fall out?
A. Some light shedding is normal with reborn dolls. Even more shedding could occur if the hair is washed and brushed frequently.
Mohair has a natural tendency to get tangles or matts. So always try to take care of the hair, and if you do get a matt or  tangle,
gently pull it apart wit your fingers, taking care not to tug at the roots.

Q. I have allergies, do you use any products containing allergens, or add any scents or fragrances when making your dolls?
A. I don't add any baby scents or fragrances unless requested, and if requested, I sometimes use the baby powder scented Wonder Wafers.
to place inside the doll's body.
My home and reborn nursery are smoke-free. Some common items that are used during the reborning process, that can leave a scent
are E6000, for gluing in magnets. Gem-tac or Modge Podge for sealing the hair on the inside. I also wash the hair and vinyl when the   
baby is completed with Baby Magic baby wash, and spray a little leave-in hair conditioner on the hair.
I sometimes use a heated rice sock inside the head while rooting the harder vinyl heads, as it is easier to root with the smaller
needles this way, because it softens the vinyl. The smells from all of these fade away after a time.

Q. What will my baby come with?
A.  All my babies come home with one cute and casual outfit, that I choose for him or her, one pair of baby socks, two diapers, magnetic
pacifier and magnetic hairbow (only if requested as some people can't be around magnets), baby headband if the baby is a girl,
receiving blanket, and birth certificate. I try to keep the cost of the baby down, by not including a lot of extra items. Additional
clothing and items can be added for an additional charge. I believe it is better to receive a high quality doll, with less items,
rather than a lower quality doll with many items.

Q. Can you give a baby away for free, or sell at a much lower price?
A. As the kits and supplies cost a lot of money, and take a lot of my time. I am not able to give away my dolls, or sell them for a very low
price. I'm sorry.

Q. Do you put sand in your babies?
A. NO, I have never and never will put sand in my babies. I only use fine round glass beads in my babies.

This list of frequently asked questions will be updated from time to time.